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Contacting TNT Carpet and Upholstery cleaning is your first step to a cleaner and fresher home. From deep cleaning to full restoration, deodorisation, pet treatments and stain protection, we offer a tailored service to suit your needs. Do your carpets just need a freshen up? Or are they in desperate need of some serious restoration!

We understand that not every client has Axminster or Wilton Carpets, But that does not mean that the service received should be anything less than premium.

One thing we will never do is compromise our high level of customer satisfaction, to cater to a lower level of service. We continue to build on our great reputation by offering state of the art cleaning that produces the best results at a fair price point, and we want to continue exceeding our clients expectations through the quality of the service we deliver.

Opening hours:

Mo-Fr: 9:00-17:30
Sat:  11:00-16:00
Sun: 1:00-16:00


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Contact us by email, phone, or our social media pages to discuss your cleaning needs and our service options, provide you with a quotation, arrange an onsite  demonstration, or to book in your appointment.

Our goal is to help you maintain your floor covering and soft furnishings to the highest standard possible, slowing wear and unnecessary replacement. We can clean, restore, and protect your investment to ensure it has many years of life ahead.