Our Tried 'N' Trusted Leather cleaner is a very effective cleaner that deep cleans into the grain of your leather products to remove all dirt and grime.

Predominantly, leather that has a sheen to it is generally dirty. This sheen is caused by the grease and grime that has adhered to the leather over time. In a great deal of cases, leather has a semi matt finish to it. But when it's has developed a sheen, it's the dirt and grime that are creating this shine, Failure to carryout periodic cleaning, conditioning and protection can cause further damage to your leather products.

Our Tried 'N' Trusted leather protection cream is suitable for use on all types of leather except Suede and Nubuck. It is great for Aniline leathers because it helps to repel stains. With Aniline being an absorbent leather, the leather protection cream will help prolong the life of your leather, keeping it looking newer for much longer.

If your Aniline leather is brand new, it's advised to protect this straight away to help avoid staining in the future. When it's new, it has no stain protection barrier.

Our Tried 'N' Trusted leather protector is exceptional when used on car interiors, and furniture around the home and commercial premises.


The leather protection application step conditions and adds protection barriers that help against water, sun, spills, heat and stains. 

The leather protection cream helps reduce wear taking place as the barrier of protection helps keep your leather safe and protected from abrasions from clothing rubbing against it. Which can cause damage over a period of time.

The leather protection cream also adds an invisible barrier of protection to help prevent stains taking place with it's unique water repelling properties which help to stop spot stains from water, drinks and food stuffs.

Keeping your leather protected at all times will preserve all old and new leathers. With older leather it's more important that they are kept protected.

Our Tried 'N' Trusted leather protector contains a range of natural oils and waxes which conditions the leather to prevent it from drying out. Regular cleaning and conditioning will keep your leather products soft and supple.