🤢 Are your carpets making you sick? 🤢

Updated: May 1

Carpets are a really important part of your home. Freshly cleaned carpets not only look, smell and feel awesome, but actually promote a healthy home.

Dust, pollen, hair, mites and other airborne particles are just a part of life......accept it. 😔

Like the filter in a car engine, carpets filter the air in your home by helping to trap small airborne particles retaining them to be recovered during dry vacuuming.

Regular cleaning of that air filter a.k.a carpet 😵 through professional cleaning ensures that it stays up to the task of dealing with a busy household .... and all the traffic that comes along with it.

This improves the quality of the air inside your home and ultimately the air that you and your family are breathing during the night.

Regular carpet cleaning aids health issues such as dust sensitivities , skin conditions and of course asthma.

On a plus note there are many things that you can do to prevent yourself from getting sick as a result.

Dog smell
1. Look out for Unusual odours 🤢

Your carpets should not have an unpleasant or musty odour...........especially following cleaning.......... although as some clients have exclaimed during cleaning "my wool carpet smells like a wet dog".... Sheep actually 🙄 but nothing to worry about give it an hour. 😉

One thing we see day in and day out is wet carpets ... saturated actually from improper cleaning. 😫😫😫 Yup and they can stink!!

May times this occurs from clients basing their decision to hire a carpet cleaning technician soly based on price... (I know, I know, no one geeks out on carpet cleaning like we do, but any reputable professional business should be able to identify carpet fibres, explain basic things like how they are dyed etc and give you a brief run down on what industry approved training they have undergone before being unleashed to create all kinds of merry hell on your valuable floor coverings 😬.

The classic is the decision to "hire a machine and give it a go" 🤐🤐🤐.

To treat pet stains call a professional with the know how and commercial grade bonding and encapsulation deodorisation agents and sub surface extraction tools to properly recover and sanitise the area.

Vacuum cleaner
2. Use a vacuum cleaner With a H.E.P.A filter

Carpet cleaning experts do not always agree on how often carpets should be cleaned.

However, many agree that your carpet should be vacuumed at least twice a week. If you have pets, then you will probably have to vacuum your carpet a lot more often... personally I vac mines every two days (having two dogs🐶🐶, a cat🐱, a child👪 and a big beard 🧔) and I can easily fill the canister each time!! 😮😮😮.

The best vacuum cleaners to use are the ones that have a H.E.P.A filter. They are more effective for filtering the dry soil than traditional vacuum cleaners. (Which is a nice way of saying it doesn't spew the fine dust out when vacuuming and actually traps it for disposal) 😵😵🤯

Carpet cleaning wand
3. My favourite... Get your carpets cleaned 🤣🤣🤣

Even if you are meticulous about vacuuming your carpet, it is still recommended to have it cleaned by a professional at least once a year.

😂 "Insert sales pitch here" 😂

Here is a link to a small collection of our work if you are so inclined https://www.tntcarpetcleaning.co.uk/gallery

Dirty shoes
4. Shoes off and use a door mat

Writing this my mother blasting "shoes off" to my friends and I as children hits me like a Vietnam flashback 😡😡😄.

You can reduce the amount of soil and debris that gets tracked into your home by using a doormat.

One of the many great things about a doormat is that it is inexpensive. Spending a few pounds on a doormat will help you protect your carpet for many years.

Paint spill
5. Clean up spots immediately

If something spills on your carpet, then you will need to make sure that it is cleaned up immediately. The sooner you clean up the stain, the less likely it will become a permanent feature 🙄.

This will also reduce the amount of bacteria that accumulates in your carpet fibres.

Make sure that you blot stains instead of rubbing them. The only things that you should need to remove fresh spills are white cotton towels and water. Blotting involves putting a little bit of pressure on the stain, which makes it easier for you to absorb any spill.

Please do not use the "everything under the kitchen sink" approach as this will risk causing damage and poses the risk of inadvertently setting the stain to the fibre or even causing a stain with ... say red washing up liquid... you know who you are 😉😉.

Which even professionals will struggle to remove.

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