Hard floor cleaning

Updated: May 1

Our professional cleaning services stretch beyond carpets and upholstery. We recently completed a sample cleaning job where we cleaned a commercial grade luxury vinyl tiled floor for a shop in Ayr high street. Here we had a combination of deep ground in soiling and adhesive to safely and effectively remove from the vinyl flooring to leave it looking like new again!

Admittedly we are a hundred times better at professional cleaning than we are at being photographers, however even in the images you can see a massive difference in the before and after shots in terms of the floors appearances. This flooring is very popular with commercial premises and frequently the cleaning results are just spectacular. As mentioned this job was for a shop front in Ayr high street, however we also provide professional domestic cleaning as well.

Utilising the power of our truck mount cleaning machine

One of the reasons we are able to produce such great results and tackle such a wide range of flooring surfaces is our professional, truck mounted cleaning machine. It also helps that we attend regular industry training and trade shows to ensure we are always using the latest methods and cleaning solutions to gain the best results possible. Our latest cleaning machines and products lead to outstanding results no matter whether we are cleaning carpets, rugs, upholstery or hard flooring.

The vinyl floor in this picture were glue down vinyl floor tiles, however we also use our equipment to tackle bathrooms and shower tiles – sometimes our clients don’t realise all of our professional cleaning services until they have had their carpets cleaned.

Another clean recently carried out for a bar in Irvine, Ayrshire

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