Professional Carpet Cleaning vs Doing it Yourself

Updated: May 1

It is recommended to deep clean your carpets at least once per year, the question most people looking to have carpets cleaned debate before calling a professional is should I do it myself and save a little or hire a professional?

Along with the thought of "What if the so called professional appears at my home with a machine no better than one I could have hired myself.

We have invested resources and research into understanding the chemistry behind carpet stain removal and how to get the most effective clean in your home.

Here are our expert recommendations:

Do It Yourself?

First, when cleaning your carpets yourself, you will need to rent a small carpet cleaning machine with the hassle that goes along with that (Hire charges, collection, setting up, cleaning the machine before returning (Was it clean when you hired it or did the last person to hire forget to thoroughly clean and disinfect before returning? This in particular can create a health risk if the last person to hire has used the equipment to clean and extract bio- hazardous waste!

Another important consideration being the cleaning solutions you plan on using. Are they safe for the fibre or fabric you plan on cleaning? Do you know how to perform the tests that professional carpet and upholstery cleaners perform to identify fibres if its not obvious to them? Will you shrink the carpet through over wetting? Which types of carpet backing can pose a risk of shrinkage when wet? We often see carpet grippers ripped up around the perimeter of a room due to shrinkage through improper cleaning and not all can be saved by re-stretching.

Are the chemicals safe for the fibre you are working with or will you risk damage? Most supermarket brands of carpet cleaning chemicals actually contain chemicals that have a bleaching action. These are often referred to as Oxidisation (Often advertised as Oxi action) or reducing agents on the bottle to avoid the use of the word bleach.

So let’s get started on D.I.Y water extraction units. Water extraction units spread water mixed with a cleaning detergent over the carpet at low pressure, then using a small electric vacuum motor extract the moisture.

Have you ever tried to vacuum water out of a wool carpet that just loves to absorb moisture? Not that easy. So you’ll be using a large amount of water and you’ll have long dry times due to the limited recovery power and this is what creates a higher risk of shrinkage and possible mildew growth.

In addition, soap residues are not rinsed completely from your carpet. These soap deposits can leave s sticky residue which through time will actually attract soil much faster.

You may well find yourself renting a machine again not so long after the initial clean to combat this!

Renting or owning your own machine comes at a cost, mostly on time and labour.

You’ll need to buy your own cleaning solutions, pick up the machine, move furniture, do the labour yourself, and set up fans to achieve acceptable drying times.

You may still need to deal with trouble spots....... Please blot stains instead of scrubbing to avoid replacing your stained area for a heavily worn one!🙄

Why Professional Cleaning is Better

Our state of the art van mounted cleaning plant removes more water from your carpet, allowing for seriously fast drying carpet cleaning. We provide the water and the power plus we take away the soil and never pour it down your toilet or sink which is especially important if you use a Sani-Flow toilet system.

You cannot rent these machines, and no Rug Doctor or VAX can touch the performance of them, we remove more dirt, stains, grit, germs, bacteria, odours & much more from your carpet.

So is it worth it to pay a little more to have a professional do it for you? Absolutely. Professional cleaning may cost a little more, but in the long run you save big on convenience, time, and stress. We have the proper training, techniques, equipment and safe premium cleaning solutions.

Also Remember:

Carpets should only be slightly damp after cleaning. If your carpets are wet, that means the machine that was used wasn’t strong enough. Don’t get left with soggy carpets!

With most D.I.Y machines you’ll need to set up fans when using these low powered machines and a carpet can take as long as 2 days to dry. Tried N Trusted's Heated water extraction method often dries in just 30 mins to 1 hours!

Deep stains and odours will need to be handled by a professional – Especially if there is pet urine deposits in your carpet requiring specialist treatment beyond cleaning to sanitise.

we guarantee that you will always receive the highest quality clean and the highest level in customer service from TNT. We extract more soil and don't leave cleaning solutions in the fibres, which means your items will stay much cleaner for much longer. With our experience & specialist tools, we know we will give you the very best results possible after all we are professional carpet cleaners.


We provide our carpet cleaning service throughout Ayrshire including Irvine, Troon, Prestwick, Ayr, Kilmarnock, Stewarton, Kilwinning, Ardrossan, Largs, West Kilbride, Kilbirnie, Beith and Dalry.

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