Tell me about upholstery cleaning

Updated: May 1

Our professional upholstery cleaning service revives your tired or heavily soiled sofa, cushions and other soft furnishings in your home, office or business. We have some more information on our upholstery cleaning service here.

It’s not just your carpets that pick up dirt and grime. Upholstery can become dirty or soiled just as easily – sometimes you don’t realise just how badly soiled your sofa has gotten until you have had it professionally cleaned so it looks and smells like new again!

You can see a massive difference in these before and after cleaning shots from a recent domestic clean for one of our clients from Kilmarnock. I

In person the contrast is somewhat unreal, especially with the cleaning of the sofa cushions which came up unbelievably well!

The advantages of having your sofa professionally cleaned regularly helps the fabric to stand tall and stay vibrant.

In terms of the stains and marks we tackle on sofas we deal with everything from pet stains to wine stains. You also get everyday marks, especially from dyes, from the likes of newspapers, magazines or even clothes such as jeans which can be difficult to remove if not treated correctly.

One of the most important things we do whilst cleaning upholstery is to use specialist tools like the one in the video clip below. Tools such as these do not use high pressure cleaning solutions to rinse during the cleaning process as this can lead to damaging the fabric if not careful or working on more delicate pieces.

The way our custom upholstery cleaning tool works is to gently massage the fabric both front and back and only wets the fabric covering and not the foam filling inside your sofa, this leads to safer more gentle cleaning that delivers rapid drying times ensuring that our clients can resume normal use of their furnishings as soon as possible.

Obviously the lighter your sofa or upholstery is the more likely you will see stains and marks. We always carry out a pre cleaning inspection to ensure that the correct cleaning system is implemented and that only safe cleaning solutions are used for the job at hand.

As professional upholstery cleaners we discuss prior to any cleaning what the potential results are for your upholstery and any additional steps that we can take to care for your upholstery such as deodorising treatments and stain protection application.

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