Upholstery cleaning

Do you want the guaranteed best upholstery cleaning ever? Then you’ve come to the right place!

TNT are professional upholstery Cleaners operating throughout Ayrshire, Inverclyde, Renfrewshire, Dumbartonshire, Lanarkshire, Arran and Cumbrae providing both domestic & commercial upholstery cleaning services.

We know how to safely & professionally clean your loved suite and even your cherished antique chair upholstery, we know exactly what it takes to successfully clean your upholstery identifying and treating stubborn spots and stain, with outstanding results allowing us to be able to provide the quickest drying times possible without compromising on how clean and fresh your fabric will become.

Specialist Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery requires specialist tools specific to the items being worked upon. should your upholstery be cleaned by tools not suited to your upholstery fabric construction then damage will most likely occur.


Selection of correct cleaning agents and the experience to know how much moisture can be applied to a fabric is key to safe and correct cleaning.

Over saturating will in many cases allow for the growth of mould resulting in stale odours, damaged fibres and a risk to health.

Upholstery & curtain fabric constructs are finer and much more fragile than carpet fibres, however most carpet cleaners will also state that they clean upholstery yet fail to invest in the specific training and tools required and tend to use generic tools for cleaning upholstery as they do for cleaning stair carpets, these tools can saturate upholstery fabrics, foam and padding taking days to dry.

we invest a very high percentage of our turnover on new tools ensuring we are at the forefront of professional and safe cleaning of upholstery and fine fabrics.

Tools that utilise high pressure cleaning solutions to clean can cause fibre and/or weave damage very often leaving track marks which once dry will be very prominent and possibly permanent.

Years of experience and attending regular training courses to research modern tooling, techniques and cleaning solutions ensure that no matter the fabric construction we are required to clean we can fully inspect, identify and provide the best possible clean for our clients.

Fabric identification

There are many thousands of upholstery fabrics that is why TNT determine the correct technique to implement when cleaning your furnishings which contain many different weaves, fibres, dyes, bonds and padding, all of which need to be considered before we start cleaning.


Each aspect effects our approach to cleaning through selection of various cleaning solutions and the techniques we will employ to clean.

Testing for dye migration and loose dyes is carried out before cleaning so we can stabilise the fabric before cleaning thus controlling the cleaning process to minimise the risks of any issues arising during the cleaning process.

Due to our investments in the latest specialist tools we can clean your upholstery and have it ready for use quickly due to our rapid drying times.

  • Fabric Upholstery

  • Leather Upholstery

  • Chairs

  • Bench seating

Always ensure that your upholstery is cleaned by a reputable company, with adequate insurance, quality customer testimonials, experience and full training, without all of these you could be risking not only damage to your upholstery but to yourself, children and pets.


If in doubt please feel free to phone for free advice